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Chairman: Phil Walker

Secretary: Beau Walker

COVID Officer: Adion Paul




With over 15 teams in our local Saturday grassroots youth league, being a member of the PW DONS Football Club is for children who are passionate about football. 


Focus, endurance, discipline and commitment are all the key driving factors needed to grow in our Football Club. The entry age group is 7 to 14.


Some children are naturally gifted and others are gifted at understanding the hard work that is needed to be considered a young premier footballer and we work with both. However, regardless of whether football is the end goal or not, the transferable skills acquired from being a member of our club are paramount to the growth and enrichment of each child, as they progress onto future endeavours. 


Thus far, we have developed over 15 young players, who have progressed to professional football clubs in England. Within our club, we continually utilise our connections to bridge the gap for young players, who have both the talent and the desire for professional football. 

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1. Recognition: 

We recommend that your child attends one of our Skills Sessions regularly be it, a Weekday or a Saturday Session and attend our Football Camp Sessions so your child can be recognized and selected. Additionally, we do accept trials for PW DONS and these are usually carried out during any of the above sessions.

2. PW DONS Registration: 

You will need to pay an annual registration fee for your child.

3. FA Registration:  

Parents will be required to complete some admin such as registering with the FA for a FAN number, which we will guide you through.

4. PW DON Monthly Subs: 

Your child must attend one training session per week, during league season (September to April). This is paid for on a monthly basis via direct debit online. Please note: payments are non-refundable, regardless of whether your child attends each week or not. Payments are only stopped if your child leaves the club or if there is a lockdown.

5. Availability: 

Your child must be available to play on Saturday mornings.


6. Communication: 

We communicate details of match times and fixtures via team Whatapp groups; parents are added once registration fees are paid.

7. PW DON Football Kit: 

There is a standard one-off additional fee for the club’s football kit.