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Phil Walker Football has a 10 year holistic approach to the football services he offers for children. Phil began the third leg of his football career by training one child in Wimbledon Park. A child who he instantly recognised to have talent due to his years of professional experience.

10 years later he has personally taught over 1500 children,  developing the business organically with his son Beau, around the needs and desires of the children he coaches with dedication and relentless passion.




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Our Weekday Skills School is the perfect environment for new football players, boys and girls, aged 7 - 14, who desire to build both their confidence and technical ability on the pitch. 


This is also an ideal launchpad for children, who desire to play grassroots league football with the PW DONS.


It is during these sessions that we both train and select new grassroots players, when they are mentally and technically ready to progress to the arena of teamed football with the PW DONS.





Our Saturday Skills School has 3 functions.


1. PW DON players often attend these sessions for extra practice and training time before their league matches.


2. Children who cannot attend in the week due to hectic schedules use this session to develop their skills.


3. Our much younger players aged 4 to 8 also attend these sessions to develop their technical relationship and love for the ball. In exceptional circumstances, we train children as young as 2 years old!

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Weekday Service
Saturday Service
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Our Football Camps focus on five key areas for boys and girls aged 5 to 13. We call them our 5 Football Forces:

1. Well Being 

Contributing to children’s happiness, confidence and social skills.

2. Health and Fitness

Developing stamina and endurance, all over body conditioning and less indoor gaming!

3. Passion for the game 

Enhancing all-round game strategy and technical ability.

4. Scouting

We avidly look for talented players for the PW DON’s Football Club. Additionally, professional scouts are known to approach us during camp time in search of new talented players, due to our stellar reputation in the industry.

5. PW DONS development

This is also a chance for PW DON players to sharpen and develop  new skills, in order to climb to the new required technical levels that each new football season demands.




With over 15 teams in our local Saturday grassroots youth league, being a member of the PW DONS Football Club is for children who are passionate about football. 


Focus, endurance, discipline and commitment are all the key driving factors needed to grow in our Football Club. The entry age group is 7 to 14.


Some children are naturally gifted and others are gifted at understanding the hard work that is needed to be considered a young premier footballer and we work with both. However, regardless of whether football is the end goal or not, the transferable skills acquired from being a member of our club are paramount to the growth and enrichment of each child, as they progress onto future endeavours. 


Thus far we have developed over 15 young players, who have progressed to professional football clubs in England. Within our club, we continually utilise our connections to bridge the gap for young players, who have both the talent and the desire for professional football.

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5 Football Forces
PW DONS Service
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